• 24-Hour Floor

    Our team wants to bring the methods, materials, and secrets we have learned from installing hundreds of thousands of square feet from the industrial world to your garage!
  • Industrial Level Experience

    Our team has over 23 years of experience in coating with the completion of over 100,000 sq ft of projects
  • Lifetime Product

    With our work, you’ll never have to touch your floor again! Simply give it a power wash in ten years and it will look the same as on day one.

From our wheels in your driveway to your wheels in your garage 24 hours

Our "Industry Secret " allows for:

  • Faster turnaround
  • Thicker finished floor
  • Innovative hybrid stone technology, industrial-strength flooring with a natural look
  • Hundreds of colors and textures available

Our Flooring, Your Solution

Over time, oil, gas, engine coolant, salt, and other household chemicals damage the everyday garage floor. With our flooring options, damage is no longer a problem. If you are looking for long-lasting, clean, flattering flooring, this is your solution!


The strength of our flooring offers resistance to chemical damage, abrasion, heat damage, and more for a long-lasting product.


With the variety of texture options within Resinous flooring, we are able to provide slip protection with good traction to fit your needs.


Our smooth, non-porous finish makes it easy to clean and maintain and is least likely to collect dirt, moisture, mold, or germs.


A glossy, long-lasting finish that compliments any environment.


Never touch it again and enjoy the same floor in years to come.


Resinous flooring is the logical choice that will save you money on damages and replacements that would occur on the average garage flooring.


Resinous flooring has endless possibilities with colors, patterns, and textures to be exactly what you want.

Revamp your flooring with our high-end services. We look forward to hearing from you!

What Our Customers Say

  • “Jonathan has been taking care of my flooring projects for almost 10 years across multiple organizations. I really appreciate his partnership in coming up with solutions to difficult problems and his ability to complete them on my timeline which isn’t always easy to meet.”
  • "Resinous flooring went above and beyond to offer an incredible coating system for our home. Jonathan and his team took pride in their craft and delivered with outstanding products on our garage floor."
  • "Resinous residential really exceeded our expectations! Each team member represented themselves as professionals. The performance and consideration of surroundings was exceptional as well. My floor looks amazing! I highly recommend this business."